Here is a list of the tools I use as a documentarian. A lot of it is customised to the needs of fast-paced, travel-intensive, off-grid and immersive documentary storytelling – and everything fulfils international air travel restrictions.

My basic kit fits into a small carry-on case.
Sonosax SX-R4+ with SX-AD8+

High end 16 Track digital audio recorder with up to 12 superior preamps in self made bag system to adapt to different recording scenarios.

Cinela Pianissimo Triple-MS with DPA & Schoeps Mic’s

A custom windscreen from Cinela with high end microphones (DPA 4017C, Schoeps MK8, MK4 & MK41V). Designed to address the needs for a documentary shoot and Dolby Atmos requirements in a very small size. It also has a heating system to ensure a reliable use even in very humid locations.

Lavaliers & Microphones

DPA microphones are very reliable and have a stunning sound and sonic consistency. So lav and boom mics match perfectly.

  • DPA 4018C in Cinela COSI for in- & outdoor booming
  • 6x DPA 6061 very tiny lavallieres in black, brown, white and beige
  • DPA 4060 stereo set, very versatile for different applications
  • DPA 4097 micro shotgun, e. g. as plant mic behind a sunviser
  • 2x LOM Geofón, for field recording, capturing very faint vibrations
  • AKG C411 PP, miniature condenser vibration pickup
Wisycom Wireless

Very high quality wireless system with up to 5 channels and full day batterie runtime. And with the wide tuning range you’ll always find a free frequency no matter where you are in the world.

  • 1x MCR54 Quad True Diversity Receiver
  • 1x MCR52 Dual Diversity Receiver
  • 4x MTP60-EUX
  • 1x MTP41s-EU UN
Schoeps ORTF-3D

3D-Audio microphone array for beautiful ambient recordings. Very useful for Dolby Atmos productions. It gives you eight tracks with famous Schoeps sound. Paired with the Sonosax preamps, your ears will melt for creaminess. The recording format is an 4.0.4 and can be used easily in any Dolby Atmos, VR, Ambisonics or 3D audio production.

Ambient Timecode

To get rock solid sync of sound and picture I rely on Ambient Lockits. Up to now, I had never any sync issues in post. The master mode / C-Jam makes sure every device has the exact same timecode – even at the end of the day.

Canon C300 Mk II & III Super35 Cinema Camera

Small cinema camera with great image, low rolling shutter and great battery life. The Mk III is modified with a Sonosax M2D2 via AES for best sound ever on a camera. This way it’s possible to record in the same high quality like an external recorder. Combined with the Wisycom MPR52 wireless receiver you get the best sounding four channel camera rig and in the smallest form factor out there.

Mobile solar charging system

To be able to film in remote locations, I’ve build my own mobile solar system that allows to charge batteries and fulfils the international air travel restrictions. Even under partly cloudy conditions it is possible to charge at least 4x 100Wh batteries and a 60Wh notebook a day. And the rollable panels from Powerfilm are fully water resistent.