3D Audio Libraries Pacific

3D audio Dolby Atmos 24 bit 96 kHz
LocationVanuatu, Fiji
GenreWildlife, Waves, Volcanos, Winds, Tropical Forests, Beach
Felix' role

In these times of global change, it’s almost impossible to hear places without human sound. These sound libraries were recorded in the pristine areas of the South Pacific in the highest quality to meet the needs of high-end 3D audio and Dolby Atmos productions. My trusted sound engineer Bjarne Taurnier did the post-production so that you can enjoy these sounds in well-organised libraries:

Our microphone setup was the amazing immersive Schoeps ORTF-3D System powered by the precise preamps of the Sonosax R4+ and AD8+. These Systems allowed us to record the incredible soundscapes of the South Pacific.

Waves are one of the most powerful elements that mother nature provides. Especially the rough pacific ocean with all its mighty waves which were rolling on the beaches and shorelines of islands like Taveuni in Fiji, or Tanna in Vanuatu. We recorded these waves in all their different sizes. From huge roaring waves to detailed lapping splashes.

The sound of a volcano is an awe-inspiring symphony of raw power and untamed energy. It is a cacophony that reverberates through the air, leaving an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to witness it. As the molten rock churns and rises within the depths of the Earth, a rumbling bass begins to emerge, like the distant growl of a slumbering giant.

The majestic and old rainforests on the tropical south pacific islands creates an amazing soundscape. We recorded these soundscapes with a variety of organic sounds like exotic birds and animals, light and heavy tropical rain, wind blowing through trees and calm rivers and waterfalls. We also covered day and night moods. 

The power of wind becomes clear when you feel the gusts and breezes on your skin. In combination with another incredibly natural disaster like an eruption of a volcano it seems like a dystopian world. We recorded pacific winds, gusts and breezes on a huge plain at the foot of the Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island. Some recordings include loud eruptions of the volcano.